Fees and Refunds

Registration Fee

  • The Registration fee is payable by the date mentioned in the fee schedule. This is a non-refundable fee. 

Tuition Fee

It is expected that a child who joins Sapling does so with the intention of completing the academic year. As such, fees are payable as per the rules mentioned below:

  • The tuition fee is payable in a total of 8 instalments for a child who begins at the beginning of the academic year. For children starting late in the academic year, fewer instalments are payable as per the fee schedule generated.
  • The Tuition Fee Instalment 1 is payable soon after paying the registration fee, by the date mentioned in the fee schedule. This fee is refundable if the admission is cancelled before 28th February of the academic year prior to the year for which admission is sought. This fee is not refundable after this date in all cases, without exception. For example: If the admission is sought for the 2023-24 academic year, and the admission is cancelled before 28th of February 2023, a refund is payable. No refunds are payable after this date.
  • The balance tuition fee will need to be settled over 7 monthly instalments and commencing on the 1st of June. These instalments are non-refundable in all cases, without exception.
  • The remaining Tuition fee instalments are chargeable on the dates mentioned in the ‘Instalment Schedule’ sent to parents by email at the time of admission, unless a cancellation request is submitted by calendar day 15 of the previous month. Example below:
    • Cancellation submitted by 15/05 - Instalment for June and successive months will not be charged.
    • Cancellation submitted after 15/05 - Instalment for June is charged, Instalment for successive months will be charged.
  • Children joining mid- year are charged the Registration Fee, Tuition Fee Instalment #1 and the remaining installments based on the month of joining.  For example,  fees charged for a child joining on the 1st of August will be: Registration Fee, Instalment #1, Instalment #4, #5, #6, #7. (i.e. instalments  #2 and #3, payable in the months of June and July will not be charged). 

Please email us on info@saplingnursery.com if you need further clarity about the fee structure.  

Book and Stationery Fee

  • Book and Stationery fees are charged to parents of children enrolled in the LKG and UKG classes. This fee is non-refundable in all cases, without exception. These fees are charged as soon as the books are supplied to the preschool. As such, this amount may not appear in the fee schedule at the time of admission. 

Bus Fee

  • Instalments will commence on the 1st of April of the academic year for which admission has been sought.  
  • For the Playgroup class, bus Instalments will commence on the 1st of June. 
  • Instalment cancellation rules apply and as stated for the Tuition Fees i.e. in order to cancel future instalments, a cancellation request must be submitted by calendar 15 day of the previous month.
  • Paid instalments are non-refundable irrespective of usage of the service. This applies to all cases, without exception.
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