About Us

Sapling Nursery was founded by Mrs. Kamla Idgunji in 1994 to aid children in developing to their potential through a good quality preschool program.

Our program is the first stage of a continuing education process. Keeping this in mind, we plan activities that are a good blend of child-centred and teacher-directed activities. We are constantly improving our ideas to help develop your child into a self-thinking, young and independent individual. Our teachers are well qualified, self-motivated and personally committed in providing good quality care and education.

We are concerned with the personal development of each child. Our aim is to provide the right environment in which the young child develops through a smooth transition from home to preschool. We welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions and cherish your presence at the various activities that the children will learn, organise and display through the course of the year.

Sapling Nursery is an independently run pre-primary education facility. Sapling Nursery does not have primary or secondary classes and as such is not eligible for registration to the UDISE.

You may rest assured that your child is in good care with us. You are always welcome to visit our centres. We look forward to seeing a lot more of you and your child over the next couple of years.

Today, Sapling Nursery is run by Zrita Education Pvt. Ltd., a private limited company with Kamla Idgunji and Sharan Sirur at its helm.

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